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John Winthrop, a wealthy English Puritan lawyer and one of the leading figures in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, saw America as a “city upon a hill” even before he laid eyes on it.

From the beginning, America was as much an idea as a place, and that idea was informed by the notion that America was the land of self-betterment where the only sin was limitation.

John Winthrop led the first large wave of migrants from England in 1630. He served as governor for 12 of the colony’s first 20 years of existence. His writings and visions of the colony as a Puritan “city upon a hill” dominated New England colonial development, influencing the government and religion of neighboring colonies.

When King Charles 1 began a crackdown on Nonconformist religious thought, Winthrop led a group of colonists to the New World. He was a force of comparative moderation in the religiously conservative colony. Winthrop had a son, also named John, who was a founder of the Connecticut Colony.

The colonists were searching for religious freedom. They knew that individual freedom in Christ was available, and they began the fight for it.

John Winthrop was determined not to fall under the Conformed Religion of the Church of England and he proved his belief in the scriptures from Romans 12, ”And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” The colonists understood what it meant to be transformed and renewed by God, in a personal manner.

Christ has fought the spiritual battle for us, upon His death on the cross, and our forefathers have fought the patriot battle. Yes, we are free, in Christ, but our national freedom continues to be fought. Let us pray for all Armed Services and let us thank God for our liberties that have been won.  We must never take our blessings for granted. God Bless America, the beloved “city upon a hill”!

Pastor Liz, of Hillside, “the beloved church upon the hill”

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August 2013
“Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire.” James 3: 5-6

Are you a vessel of love, grace and mercy? Or can you often be confined to disrespect, arrogance and negativity toward others.

Jesus said, “Anyone who says to his brother and sister, “You fool!” will be in danger of the fire.”

If, in any way, you belittle those who you are called to serve… If you talk of their weak points in contrast, perhaps, with what you think of as your stronger points… If you adopt a superior attitude, forgetting to consider the wisdom of the voice (The Holy Spirit) that speaks to you, inwardly… “Who made you different from the one whom you are criticizing – and what do you have that you have not been given from Me?” If you can easily discuss the shortcomings of the sins of any man or woman… If you can speak in an offhanded way, even of a child’s wrongdoing… Then you know you are in need of Calvary’s love, grace and mercy.

A prayer for all of us… a prayer for mercy, grace and agape love.

“My Loving God, how often do my words “singe” someone else? (And how much time do I spend thinking critically about another – so that nothing but words that singe come out of my mouth!) Today Lord, work in me. Change the thought – life in me when I strip others of dignity.. or reduce them point by point.. this does not build anyone up.. it only reduces me to a person of dishonor. Give me Your voice, to speak words of value.. admiration.. encouragement.. compassion.. and true kindness. By the power of God’s love, in Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Every day is a new day! May God’s love fill you up to overflowing!
Pastor Liz

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Hillside Covenant Church is involved in numerous missions throughout the year. some of those missions include Overseas and World missions as well as some local missions such as Angel Tree and New Beginnings. If you have a particular mission that you would like the church to become involved in please call Jay at 203-592-4888 so that it can be brought forward for the church to explore. Someone just visiting our website please call the number above or 203-729-2444 and leave us a message. We will return your call as quickly as we can.

God Bless!!

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Hillside Updates

Sunday Services begin at 11AM followed by a time of fellowship with coffee and goodies in our Fellowship hall after every service.

The Christian Education board has decided to continue Children’s Church services throughout the year as we have numerous children who attend regularly.


Please come and join us.  And feel free to bring a friend.


See you Sunday!

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This weeks sermon is entitled “Stand Fast”

This weeks worship service is entitled “Stand Fast”.

This weeks Old Testament reading will be Psalm 20.

The New Testament reading will be Galatians 5:1, 13-25.

Hymnal songs of worship are “Beautiful Savior” found on page 317 of the pew hymnals and “God of the Ages, Whose Almighty Hand” found on page 730 of the pew hymnals.

Our postlude will be “God Bless America”

After the Lord’s prayer we will be welcoming a new member Celia Costa into our church family. Praise God!


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New England Baked Bean Supper



Saturday, June 14th, 2014
5-7 pm


Come and enjoy the food and fellowship!! 


Baked beans, hot dogs and plenty of sides

bread & tossed salad. Save room for Marna’s 

home-made desserts and featuring Marna’s famous Rice Pudding.


Suggested Donations:

Adults $12

Kids 7-12 $6


under 7 free;

Maximum family $ 27.00

available —
Questions? Call


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The Jesus Lifestyle

Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in the Jesus Lifestyle program. It was a tremendous success and the each session finished with community gatherings for food, fellowship and entertainment. We are In the process of finalizing our fall program plans. Please stay tuned.                                                    God Bless!!

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Renew Yourself in the Lord

Sometimes we struggle with our everyday lives. It can seem that just getting through another day is a huge challenge for us. Especially in these trying economic time our troubles seem to multiply. It can be very difficult to find the strength to continue on.

With these thoughts in mind, it is important to remember that our strength comes from the Lord.  And from time to time we need to renew ourselves in Gods endless love.  Always keep in mind, the Lord never gives us more than we can handle through his love and mercy.

At these times we must turn our thoughts and hearts to the Lord through prayer and reading the Bible. Both are a tremendous source of comfort and strength.

With that I’ll share this prayer:

Lord clear our hearts and our minds. Give us strength and hope; shine your light upon us. We want to follow you O’ Lord. Just show us the way. Continue to renew us so that our faith grows. Help us to be patient and understanding, and to be caring and compassionate. O’ Lord help us to please you. Guide us for all the days of our lives. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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Your Invited to Worship

Every Sunday at 11 am followed by coffee hour around 12 where we enjoy coffee, snacks and fellowship.

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